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About Maha Dave

And The Catalyst Health & Performance Journey

Maha Dave is an intuitive healer trained in modalities that integrate both western and eastern practices. His work is designed to support the release of physical pain and help restore emotional somatic balance at a cellular level.


Maha Dave started his journey with a passion for sports medicine. Working with athletes from a young age, he supported them through physical therapy and massage as a way to help improve their performance and overall health. 


After his yoga teacher training in 1991, he found a way to enhance his work through the eastern practices he learned in India. Once he started to integrate both eastern philosophies and emotional somatic release into his work, he began to see great improvement being made in the lives of his athletic clients. 


He now utilizes fitness training, bodywork and coaching as a way to support his clients in achieving their health goals. Maha Dave is a certified yoga teacher, fitness trainer and body worker with a bachelors in Kinesiology and a masters in Educational Leadership.

Helping aspiring people, like you, liberate their soul from blockages (physical and energetic) that are holding them back, Maha Dave is devoted to supporting his clients in gaining freedom and alignment. 


Each experience at Catalyst Health & Performance is tailored to one’s unique life experience. You may go from feeling anxious, fearful, and uncertain to being courageous and divinely aligned to peace, presence and euphoric pleasure. 


Many say the CHP container resembles a medicine journey. 


Feeling the call to join the CHP journey? Book a free private consultation to learn more!

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