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Transition 2023-24 Reflections

New Year's Eve and resetting the intention. My journey in 23 was to spend time relating and building connections. #23 is representative of the Greek goddess Eris who is about strife and discord. As we saw in the world Ukraine, Gazza, Iran, Congo, and other land in disagreement. 2023 was good in its own way, medicine. #24 holds a special place, symbolizing a balance between material pursuits and spiritual. It bridges that connect us to the unseen realms of meaning and energy. Embracing the wisdom of numbers allows us to journey deeper into the mysteries of existence. For me, 24 is about deepening those connections more and discerning what connections need to be kept to enhance the energetic vibration. Sending that Love and energy to where it is needed at this time. LOVE ❤️ is still the answer

Tonight at an event where I was gratefully asked to hold space. The priestesses had us inquire if removed our masks and what was under them and desiring to be seen. For me, I am blessed that many see me as a healer and white lighter of sorts. Wait I am seen the one who doesn't want to be seen? Is that the mask? I didn't realize how I am seen and how it feels okay to be seen and even welcomed. Then the allowance of the dark no absence of light but an absorption of all things. How did it feel to allow myself to be seen? How many people even felt held in the darkness that I am as well? The brief connections I had were deep where there seemed to be harmonic presence. Many of them, I just met for the first time and how Divine Loving Presence can allow safety and security. When 2024 started the priesteseses encored us with announcement words "I am". Sitting next to me was a beautiful healer I respected dearly. The phrase that came out was "I am Love" calling more Love in. I then found the courage to get the attention of a being next to me who I didn't know, which I normally wouldn't do. We shared the word we would like to call in for 2024. I stated enthusiastically "I am Prosperity". Wow, the man of simple means just said that. Bring it on 2024.

I go by many names, on the Playa was named Dreams (modified to dj DReaMz) because I help dreams come true. The night was a re-dedication to the work. More areas to decrease pain and flourish in pleasure for 2024. I a quote by one of the great athletes who wore #24 "Dedication makes Dreams come true." The Black Mama, Kobe Bryant. May 2024 bring you more harmony.

Sometimes this website has a glitch so email directly at if wanting a healing session from pain to pleasure.

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